After entering the page, find and click on the Registration link to open the registration form. The form must be completely filled in and truthful, with no exceptions.

Then it is enough just to log in (Login) your username and password, enter your own personal site (Model Profile) and fill in general information there. Do not forget to attach photographs for your presentation photo to the form. A photo of you in underwear or something similar is recommended for the presentation photo. Then find the link to “Bank Account” and do not forget to complete the data there as well, since payment is transferred to the account a model enters.

Switch from your profile to broadcast, and there you entertain customers. Whenever someone asks you to join him in a Private Chat (i.e. live private transmission), switch yourself there and perform for him what he wishes. Obviously, you show him just as much as you are willing to show. In private chats, credits you have set for each minute of transmission are added for you. Credits to be received from a customer can be set directly at transmission.

Example: If you have €1 a minute set, half will be calculated for you per minute, i.e. €0.50 will be credited to your account. This is only paid for private chats. When a customer logs off a private chat, you will no longer receive credits from him and they will cease to accumulate.

What do I need?

  1. Photographs - once you have registered and logged in, complete your profile and add photos. Photographs are very necessary and obligatory, please be careful: They must be your own. They are published after they have been checked by the administrator. We do not publish photographs involving children's themes, pornographic photos, animals, otherwise offensive photographs or photos with any text on them.

  2. Bank account - Your bank account is also important information. Your commission will be transmitted by us once a month. Commissions will be transferred to your account with the description “Služby za” and the current month.

After you have logged in and clicked on the “Live Chat” menu, you will see a window with the option to “Launch Public Chat”.
This launches a live broadcast. If you accidentally click “Deny” (disable video transmission), click the right mouse button on the screen and you will see settings.

Setting the amount of credits - Setting the amount of credits: Here you can set the amount of credits to be received from customers for each minute of a private chat. Disable /enable sound, adjust image quality, two-way video, etc. WARNING: You can only change the amount of credits to be received while you are in a public chat.

Setting video quality - you can also set video quality to maximum, but you need to be aware that the better you set video transmission quality, the more you cut out your image. Therefore, it is recommended you try and set a level of quality to have the most stable image possible. You should also be aware that if you have a slow Internet connection or poor quality webcam, the quality of your transmission will also be reduced.

Cam2Cam - The cam2cam function has to be switched on by the customer and you are supposed to confirm it. If neither of you confirm, the cam2cam is not activated. In practice, seeing a customer on the screen means cam2cam is allowed. This function is seen and can be used only by customers who have credits.

In a private chat, you only see those customers who are willing to pay you. Everybody else sees only an empty screen. This function is seen and can be used only by customers who have credits.

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A nonregistered customer can view a model live, but cannot write via chat, post messages and switch on sound or cam2cam and, of course, will have no access to a private chat.

A customer who has registered and purchased credits will have access to all sections and also to live broadcasts with no time restrictions. Though it naturally lasts for only as long as it is covered by the credits you purchased. Credits to be deposited immediately to your account can be purchased via SMS, bank transfer or CommerceGate.

Private chat - one you have purchased credits, you will also have access to private chats. Click “Private Chat” while in a public chat to get there. Once you start a private chat, you will be charged a minute rate that has been set by the model for a private chat. The amount per minute is determined by the model alone and you have the right to ask for a lower rate, though only if you are in a public chat; the model cannot later change the rate during a VIP show. Any decision about the amount of credits is entirely up to her. The amount per minute is always displayed in public chats. As soon as the model switches to a private chat while you remain in a public chat, the image disappears and a message appears saying the model has switched to a private chat. At that point you can no longer write to her. You can only read what the model in a private chat with another customer has written until she returns to the live broadcast. However, you can also connect with them in a private chat or change to any other model online.

Your credits can never disappear for no reason.

There is no charge for public video chats. (FREE)

A model can throw you out of a public chat at any time if you are offensive to her or otherwise violate the rules.

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  1. The latest version of the Internet browser Google Chrome

  2. Independent Internet connection speed of at least 256kBit/s - upload

  3. Sound card, webcam

Anything above the minimum that is better, newer and more modern only further enhances the quality of the connection with the model.

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